Camp Neyati Timeline

1922 – Chippewa Cabin purchased by BSA

1932 – Chippewa Cabin transferred to Midland Welfare Association

1938 – Camp Neyati purchased from Jackson YMCA by Midland Welfare Association, Boy Scouts, and Midland Kiwanis Club

1950 – Midland Camping Commission created through cooperative agreement of Midland Kiwanis club and Midland Community Fund

1955 – Dow Chemical donated 20 acres to Chippewa Cabin Campsite

1955 – L. Ward purchased two lake lots adjacent to Camp Neyati

1975 – 87 acre farm purchased next to Camp Neyati

1991 – Midland Camping Commission incorporated as Midland Camping Council

2008 – A Cabins Renovated by Volunteers and an additional A Cabin added

2013 – 75th Anniversary Celebration